Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time



I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve and I haven’t had the urge to cry…..even once,

This has been the most relaxed Christmas season ever, well, since last Thursday. That was my last day at my retail job. I just couldn’t take it another year. My last two Christmases have been a blur.

Two Christmases ago I sat in stunned disbelief after witnessing a store manager hound a very knowledgeable and beloved employee until she cried. A temporary hire had quit on the spot. We were all beyond exhausted and on edge. After the store closed, we were all herded to various departments to straighten the mess only retail workers can imagine. By the time I finally clocked out and made it home to my family they were returning from Christmas Eve services without me and were ready to open sibling gifts and put little ones to bed. I had basically missed it. Christmas Day was spent sitting on the couch too tired to participate in the fun. The next day, bright and early, I was back in the store as if nothing had happened.

I can’t believe retail. I am over it. It is a false god. Nothing at my place of employment is necessary for the survival of a single human being, yet, the managers act as if you are committing treason if you want two days in a row off with your family. It is despicable and has left a nasty taste in my mouth for retail……even “Christian owned” retail. 

This year I turned in my notice three weeks before Christmas. I just couldn’t subject my family to another motherless holiday season.

The company I worked for has a policy, all full time employees have to close two nights a week. I hate this policy. I believe it discourages moms to work for the company. I don’t understand why part time people aren’t hired for the evening shifts. Anyway, I asked my manager to let me work one of my closing shifts the same day as the freight day. These days are often twelve hours long anyway. My other “regular” closing night was Saturday. I explained to him that I have young children at home and need to be here at night but if I had to work two nights, per company policy maybe those nights could be Monday and Saturday. He said he would look into it…..he never changed my schedule. So, I closed Monday, Tuesday and Saturday nights for several weeks.

My sweet, long suffering husband couldn’t take it any longer. He asked me to quit.

I am fifty-four and tired. I have three young adopted children at home with special considerations. They deserve better than what they were getting.

So, today has been wonderful! So was yesterday! I have laughed, and played and watched with amazement how my children and grandchildren have grown these three years. It is beautiful to calmly approach the most magnificent of all days with peace. 


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